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Dear Diary

Dear Diary,

Well it's just you and me tonight again. I cannot believe that I'm still
dateless. I know I'm only 17 but I need a date or I'll explode. I miss
the touch and the taste of another woman. What I wouldn't give to be
able right now to put my tongue on a nice, soft pussy and suck on it. I
want to watch as she wriggles around on her bed as I bring her to
orgasm. I want to put my tongue into her and taste her come as it flows
out of her. Is this to much to ask, diary? I guess the answer is yes, at
least tonight.

I went into my underwear drawer and pulled out my dildo, the one
Jennifer gave me. We shared some good times with it. I miss her. I miss
the way she used to brush the whisps of hair from my face and how she
used to kiss me. But I guess she's putting her lips on another girl
tonight. Bitch! But I still love her, and think about her. I slipped
naked beneath my cool sheets and started to rub the dildo up and down my
slit. Looking down, I could see the dildo's shape through my blanket as
it worked its magic. When I was wet enough, I slipped it into me,
feeling the grooves as it slid past my clit. I thought of Jennifer and I
moved this rubber intruder in and out of me quickly. My walls started to
spasm and I knew I was close. I took the dildo out and started rubbing
it on my clit. It was like an electric shock went through me. i know my
clitoris is sensitive but tonight, it was even more so. Before I was
wanting it, I climaxed, creating a pool of my juice under me. My vaginal
contracions continued for another minute as I felt myself still oozing
my girl-come. Well that's what happened tonight. I am going to sleep
now and dream about my Princess Charming.


I watched Kathy again from my window. I don't know if she is aware that
I can see her but I don't care. That woman is amazing looking! I can't
believe that she's 12 yrs older than me. I have seen her with a man but
never with a woman. But I can dream!! As I watched Kathy, I slid off my
jeans and my panties and turned out all my lights. I could see her
undress in her window and I began to touch myself. My crotch became wet
almost right away and I could smell my aroma on my fingers. My sparse,
blonde public hairs were matted to my skin. As Kathy started to change
for bed, I spread my lips apart as far as I could get them. I looked
down and saw my clitoris jutting out and totally engorged.

I could feel an orgasm building in me as my fingers worked on my
screaming, sopping pussy. I started to moan as my cunt felt like it was
on fire. My parents were out at dinner so tonight I could be as loud as
I pleased. I started panting as I could see Kathy in her room slipping
on her nightee. My fingers went into overdrive and I shouted as I came,
just as she looked out the window to pull her blinds. My legs shook as I
came hard. I lay there, legs askew, panties at my ankles and my fingers
covered in my honey. I tasted myself and let my fingers linger in my
mouth. I tell you diary, there is nothing better than a good orgasm!
Unless it's with another woman. Hopefully tomorrow.

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