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House's Parents! EEEEEE!

This shall be the thread where we discuss 11/8's episode.

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I liked it a whole lot. I was very distracted and can't remember if the kid lived or not, so if anyone knows, please, enlighten me. (Seriously, I just realized this... how did I miss that?)
I loved House and his motorcycle cutting off Foreman... that was so well done. Made me laugh.
His parents were neat to meet (and, it's confirmed, House loves Reubens. Now I have to eat those) and we get to see a bit beyond his hard exterior when he talks to Cameron.

Your thoughs, Hobson?
The motorcycle was a REAL turn-on.

...I still have yet to watch it, but I know he dies. Mike Weiss spilled it this morn. Sigh.
I didn't know I wasn't supposed to watch it! EEEE!

He dies. Bummer.
I thought great epi too, i thought we would see more of houses parents? And that his father would be completely ott, but i suppose to obvious?!
Throughly enjoyed
Damn the stupid English late airtime! *headdesk* Season 1 only finished last Thursday! And for some unknown reason, they're showing the pilot episode this Thursday o.O Just put Season 2 on dammit!!
That really sucks. I'm so sorry.
And now we've gone and ruined this episode for you. Mao.
It does >.<
Nah, I knew what the discussion was gonna be about, I clicked of my own free will ^^ I'm a spoiler whore XD;
I LOVED this episode!

Especially when House's Mom (Dad?) said something like ,"Hello Cameron, Greg has told us all about you!"

And I loved it when Cameron came back to talk to House and he told her all about his parents. It was like he was trying to open up to her and not be such a cold hearted ass. :P

*melts into a puddle of shipper goo*
I was really intrigued by how much House opened up to Cameron when she came to his office after his parents left. Where will this lead???
I like the fact that Cameron is getting more backbone. I thought she was somewhat of a wimp in Season 1.