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I just rewatched "Histories" [the one with the homeless chic with rabies] and apart from it being really sad, I'm really starting to enjoy the Wilson background. Every character in this show has a lot of background, and there's always going to be more for David Shore to work with, because background is a crazy big thing. I always find myself wanting to know more about Wilson and his past. & Cameron's past...& even Foreman's past. It'd be interesting if they tried to make Chase's past interesting, because right now he's jsut kinda rich boy... Not much substance to him, but even still I like him. I even like him DESPITE his snitching tendancies.

...Yeah. This is technically a shipping community so I I SHIP THE GOODSHIP aronagale/Wilson!
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Who doesn't?
Did your AIM die or something?

Or did Cuddy offer you a month off of clinic duty to not use it?

I love lilhouse! XD Iconage love!

Sorry.. that was random ^^

Tee hee. I love this icon. It's so perfect, because non-houser's don't get it

Where aronagale got her icon from ^^v (I believe)

Yay for non-house confusion XD!
tee hee

That's a funny community.
No clinic duty.

AND HardRock Cafe, where I was in the presence of Steven Tyler's shirt.
No words can describe my awe.