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Dear Diary [14 Jan 2010|02:43pm]

Dear Diary,

Well it's just you and me tonight again. I cannot believe that I'm still
dateless. I know I'm only 17 but I need a date or I'll explode. I miss
the touch and the taste of another woman. What I wouldn't give to be
able right now to put my tongue on a nice, soft pussy and suck on it. I
want to watch as she wriggles around on her bed as I bring her to
orgasm. I want to put my tongue into her and taste her come as it flows
out of her. Is this to much to ask, diary? I guess the answer is yes, at
least tonight.

I went into my underwear drawer and pulled out my dildo, the one
Jennifer gave me. We shared some good times with it. I miss her. I miss
the way she used to brush the whisps of hair from my face and how she
used to kiss me. But I guess she's putting her lips on another girl
tonight. Bitch! But I still love her, and think about her. I slipped
naked beneath my cool sheets and started to rub the dildo up and down my
slit. Looking down, I could see the dildo's shape through my blanket as
it worked its magic. When I was wet enough, I slipped it into me,
feeling the grooves as it slid past my clit. I thought of Jennifer and I
moved this rubber intruder in and out of me quickly. My walls started to
spasm and I knew I was close. I took the dildo out and started rubbing
it on my clit. It was like an electric shock went through me. i know my
clitoris is sensitive but tonight, it was even more so. Before I was
wanting it, I climaxed, creating a pool of my juice under me. My vaginal
contracions continued for another minute as I felt myself still oozing
my girl-come. Well that's what happened tonight. I am going to sleep
now and dream about my Princess Charming.


I watched Kathy again from my window. I don't know if she is aware that
I can see her but I don't care. That woman is amazing looking! I can't
believe that she's 12 yrs older than me. I have seen her with a man but
never with a woman. But I can dream!! As I watched Kathy, I slid off my
jeans and my panties and turned out all my lights. I could see her
undress in her window and I began to touch myself. My crotch became wet
almost right away and I could smell my aroma on my fingers. My sparse,
blonde public hairs were matted to my skin. As Kathy started to change
for bed, I spread my lips apart as far as I could get them. I looked
down and saw my clitoris jutting out and totally engorged.

I could feel an orgasm building in me as my fingers worked on my
screaming, sopping pussy. I started to moan as my cunt felt like it was
on fire. My parents were out at dinner so tonight I could be as loud as
I pleased. I started panting as I could see Kathy in her room slipping
on her nightee. My fingers went into overdrive and I shouted as I came,
just as she looked out the window to pull her blinds. My legs shook as I
came hard. I lay there, legs askew, panties at my ankles and my fingers
covered in my honey. I tasted myself and let my fingers linger in my
mouth. I tell you diary, there is nothing better than a good orgasm!
Unless it's with another woman. Hopefully tomorrow.

more at kategrace lesbian dating blog
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[03 Nov 2006|09:29am]


Ok I finally got all of the SNL clips up to view and you don't have to wait to dl them.  They are all up in photobucket (I finally figured out what I was doing wrong...thanks photobucket team!) so I went video crazy.  I also included some other juicy tidbits like when House gets conned into speaking to the cop in Cuddy office, when House gets arrested.  The next are painful to watch but Hugh's acting is so incredible: from last season where House goes through withdrawal and slams that pestle onto his hand, from where House has a heart attack and where he has just come out of surgery on his leg and is in horrible pain.  I have also included my own video for the piece of fanfic I wrote.  The list and links are as follows:

SNL Opening: http://s17.photobucket.com/albums/b70/jaclinhyde/hugh/?action=view&current=snl1.flv

SNL Ghost Hunters: http://s17.photobucket.com/albums/b70/jaclinhyde/hugh/?action=view&current=snlghost.flv

SNL Queens Visit: http://s17.photobucket.com/albums/b70/jaclinhyde/hugh/?action=view&current=snlqueen.flv

SNL "The Protest Song (all we gotta do is)": http://s17.photobucket.com/albums/b70/jaclinhyde/hugh/?action=view&current=snlprotestsong.flv

SNL Hospital (my favorite and I think the one that Hugh had the most fun doing): http://s17.photobucket.com/albums/b70/jaclinhyde/hugh/?action=view&current=snlhospital.flv

SNL Frankenstein: http://s17.photobucket.com/albums/b70/jaclinhyde/hugh/?action=view&current=snlfrankenstein.flv

SNL Lawyers: http://s17.photobucket.com/albums/b70/jaclinhyde/hugh/?action=view&current=snllawyers.flv

SNL Close: http://s17.photobucket.com/albums/b70/jaclinhyde/hugh/?action=view&current=snlend.flv

House/Cop/Cuddy's office: http://s17.photobucket.com/albums/b70/jaclinhyde/hugh/?action=view&current=housecop.flv

House's Arrest: http://s17.photobucket.com/albums/b70/jaclinhyde/hugh/?action=view&current=housearrest.flv

House's Heart Attack: http://s17.photobucket.com/albums/b70/jaclinhyde/hugh/?action=view&current=househeartattack.flv

House's Withdrawal: http://s17.photobucket.com/albums/b70/jaclinhyde/hugh/?action=view&current=housewithdrawal.flv

House after leg surgery: http://s17.photobucket.com/albums/b70/jaclinhyde/hugh/?action=view&current=housepain.flv

My fanfic vid: http://s17.photobucket.com/albums/b70/jaclinhyde/hugh/?action=view&current=housesailing5.flv

Plus you can also read the fanfic I wrote that goes along with the vid here: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Histories/messages?o=1

The story is called "Prayer For A Miracle" and is about House dying from something that none of them can figure out and having to decide how to help 'his team' (especially Cameron) from the afterlife decipher the cause of his death so that the rest won't suffer the same fate.  The only problem is does he really want Cameron to survive or does he want her to be with him instead.  The first two parts are up ~ Part 1 is entitled 'House Goes Home' and Part 2 is called 'The Reminiscing.'  I am working on part 3.  I promise to have some very steamy sex thrown in there at some point ;-)  Feedback is appreciated.

I worked really hard to get these done so I hope everyone enjoys them!


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SNL videos up! [29 Oct 2006|04:09pm]


I put up clips from last night's appearance of Hugh on SNL.  The links are as follows...







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[25 Jun 2006|12:39am]

Vote for Hugh Laurie!!! He's Behind!!! (House)
Can Vote Every 15 minute

Also vote for Jennifer Morrison (Cameron) http://www.hellomagazine.com/vote/mostattractivewoman/month/index.html
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House RP Community [06 May 2006|11:04am]

Mods, if this is against your rules, tell me and I will remove my post.

I am starting a House Role Playing community and I will happily welcome any one who feels like they might want to participate in the roleplay. Feel free to ask questions or contact me, via messenger or my personal journal or Rp journal. Nothing is posted yet, as it's still very new, but it's located over at House-ism. Do drop by if you're curious! I'm always more than happy to answer questions!
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House M.D. Boards is Online! [08 Apr 2006|10:09pm]
Come over and stop by House M.D. Boards, a brand new vBulletin message board about the hit FOX medical drama House M.D., where the villain is a medical malady and the hero is an irreverent, controversial doctor who trusts no one, least of all his patients. Uupdated on a regular basis with a growing community, this is the place to be for every House M.D. fan.

If you have yet to check it out, then it is time you see what it is all about and celebrate the snarkiness that is House at House M.D. Boards!
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[04 Apr 2006|10:25pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

Was I the only one that thought that tonight's episode was the funniest EVER? I could NOT stop laughing.

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[24 Feb 2006|09:13pm]

[ mood | tired ]

I was wondering if anyone could record/download tonight's The Late Show with David Letterman. Hugh Laurie's supposed to be on it, and it's not quite on yet (11:30), so I thought you all might enjoy it. =) But yes, if you could record it on a DVD and put it on your computer, or anything that's easier, I'd really apprieciate it. =)

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[05 Feb 2006|06:24pm]

*breaths life into community*

So, Tuesday is the first new epi in awhile...I know I'm stoked.

What are we to expect?
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[10 Jan 2006|10:02pm]


I'm now a reformed House/Stacy shipper.


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House's Parents! EEEEEE! [09 Nov 2005|01:43pm]

This shall be the thread where we discuss 11/8's episode.

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Activity... [02 Nov 2005|10:13am]

[ mood | curious ]

Who would win in:

A fist fight between Dr. Cox (of Srubs) and Dr. House?

A fist fight between the cast of Scrubs and the cast of House?

An anything goes fight between Dr. Cox and Dr. House?

A snark fight between Dr. Cox and Dr. House?

Your thoughts, Hobson?

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The Triumphant Return of House! [02 Nov 2005|10:01am]

Last night's Fox lineup included a new episode of our favorite show, entitled 'TB or not TB', and was basically about a man (Ron Livingston of 'Office Space' fame) who works in Africa fighting Tuberculosis, and when he gets sick, everyone thinks its TB. Except for House that is.
With two hilarious clinic encounters involving a mistaken identity, a patient pissing off House by hitting on Cameron and great one-liners, this is definately a great come-back episode.

Post your thoughts here.
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Ode to House [20 Oct 2005|09:27pm]

Oh, House, where art thou?
There's a pain in my heart
And a un-related plough
But this won't bother you
You'll connect the two!

Oh House, my House
And the wonderful Fox
You're definately cooler
Than one Dr. Cox

I'd have to say, dear House M.D
Come back! I miss thee
Oh, House, where art thou?

[this is a self-proclaimed atrocity, but nothing rhymed with 'Grey's Anatomy' 'cept possibly economy, so that had to get cut]
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Last Night... [16 Oct 2005|01:58pm]

[ mood | bored ]

I was watching the news after the baseball game, and there was a House commercial!
I can't remember most of it, cos' I was half asleep, but they said:
Narrator: "And the one woman House could never forget..."
Houses: "Hi Mom."

I can't wait!

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[07 Oct 2005|10:06pm]

Roadtrip+House Season 1+Laptop= Love.
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Yay for random posts! [07 Oct 2005|05:11pm]

[ mood | Squee ]

So, I have to do the Shakespeare play "Much Ado about Nothing" for my AS English module (I took my English exam a year early for geeky reasons).  And, we have to watch the film, for no apparent reason other than our teacher likes making us watch films and we like watching films, cause it's a good excuse to not do anything in lesson.  So - imagine my squee, when Claudio (main dude) appears on screen and looks like.... *drum roll*

This!Collapse )

*melts into a big puddle of fangirl goo*

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"Histories" [06 Oct 2005|12:22pm]

I just rewatched "Histories" [the one with the homeless chic with rabies] and apart from it being really sad, I'm really starting to enjoy the Wilson background. Every character in this show has a lot of background, and there's always going to be more for David Shore to work with, because background is a crazy big thing. I always find myself wanting to know more about Wilson and his past. & Cameron's past...& even Foreman's past. It'd be interesting if they tried to make Chase's past interesting, because right now he's jsut kinda rich boy... Not much substance to him, but even still I like him. I even like him DESPITE his snitching tendancies.

...Yeah. This is technically a shipping community so ...er... I ...er... I SHIP THE GOODSHIP aronagale/Wilson!
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Your Thoughts, Hobson? [27 Sep 2005|09:58pm]

[ mood | cranky ]

Post your thoughts about tonight's episode.
Here Thar' be SpoilersCollapse )

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[26 Sep 2005|09:44pm]

[ mood | giddy ]

Hey, I'm new. I'm to lazy right now to fill in the questionaire, but I'll do it later, I promise!

I just wanted to tell you about a conversation I overheard...

Girl: Omigosh, have you seen the show House? It is SO awesome, and Chase is SO cute! I wish it wasn't so gory though, that is so gross!

So, scary anti-fangirls. One more thing...

SQUEEEE! I ♥ House. Very secksay.

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